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Graduate Programs

Susan Varner
"The VCU MPH program provided me with the training and skills I need to succeed in a public health career. The faculty and staff at VCU offered flexibility within the program and individual mentorship to allow me to delve into my interests and cultivate new ones. I had multiple opportunities to participate in research and network with professionals in the field. After graduation, I started a career directly related to my capstone research."

Sara Varner, MPH


The Division of Epidemiology, Department of Family Medicine and Population Health, offers a master’s degree in Public Health and a doctoral degree in Epidemiology. Selecting the right graduate training program for your educational needs and career objectives is critical.

Highlights of VCU’s training programs:

  • Careful match of student to advisor and mentoring team
  • Goal setting, strategic mapping of educational program
  • Active learning in classrooms
  • Experiential learning from day one in the program
  • Opportunities to attend research meetings
  • Workshops to hone oral presentation skills
  • Leadership development and leadership opportunities
  • Community of learning and supportive educational environment
  • Students can also enroll in one of VCU’s certificate programs including:

Certificate in Aging Studies
The growth of the aging population has stimulated services for elders across the continuum of care. With a burgeoning aged population comes the need to promote positive late life experiences, promote successful aging, and help older persons cope with possible health and social problems and with the daily necessities of living.

Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders
The Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders is designed to prepare personnel to support individuals with autism spectrum disorders in the educational setting from early intervention through adult services. The purpose of the certificate is to provide the wide range of competencies necessary for the provision of effective educational programming. The course sequence enables personnel to develop comprehensive knowledge and experience in assessment, teaching strategies and curriculum development.

Certificate in Criminal Justice
This certificate program offers specialization for individuals interested or involved in law enforcement, corrections, juvenile justice or the courts. It combines survey and theory courses with research, management and policy courses on the justice system.

Certificate in Gender Violence Intervention
The VCU Certificate in Gender Violence Intervention is a collaborative effort between the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs’ Sociology Program and other departments/programs at VCU and community advocates working in the area of sexual and domestic violence.

Certificate in Geographic Information Systems
The Certificate in Geographic Information Systems emphasizes the core functions and applications of GIS. It provides specialized training in the operations and techniques related to the creation, analysis, modeling, visualization, interpretation and management of geographic information.

Certificate in Nonprofit Management in cooperation with L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs
Students may earn the graduate certificate in nonprofit management offered by the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs.